Our high quality model making

We create high-performance tools for castings of the highest quality.

Experience meets modern technologies

Precise, efficient and high-quality tools are necessary for our casting processes. Therefore, pattern making is essential for casting production. Our experienced craftsmen and engineers develop casting molds and core boxes for production using the latest technologies, such as CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines. For this purpose, they use materials such as wood, plastics, metal or plaster.

Technologie Modellbau


In order to plan and develop tools and fixtures that meet the high requirements at Fritz Winter, engineers and technicians work closely together.


Smooth and safe production is ensured by the maintenance division. We produce spare parts for our production facilities ourselves and maintain pattern and core molds.

Molding tools

The precise pattern and core molding tools have the highest priority for our production. Thanks to our CNC machines and assembly workstations, we can ensure that these elements meet our high quality standards.

Jig and fixture construction

Through fixture construction, we ensure the highest precision as well as improved repeat numbers and thus increase the efficiency of our production. We therefore attach just as much importance to this area as to our pattern and core molds.


Thomas von Reth

Head of technical acquisition and product development

Tel: +49 6428 - 78 - 274