Development of chassis components

Your development partner Fritz Winter in full-service engineering.

Your chassis solution from Fritz Winter

We know the challenges of the automotive industry and develop custom-fit solutions of the highest quality together with our customers. From the idea to the finished cast product, we provide support as a full-service engineering partner. Modern simulations and test procedures as well as highest flexibility and reaction speed ensure highly application-specific chassis components for passenger cars, commercial vehicles as well as other applications.


Flywheel mass dynamometers

We test our own developments and our customers' existing cast products on three flywheel mass test rigs.

Lightweight concepts

Fritz Winter offers the highest level of expertise and a broad portfolio of lightweight design concepts, for example for brake discs, drums and individual applications.

Optimization of the natural frequency

To be able to guarantee optimum noise development of our chassis components, we test their natural frequency on our test facilities.

Material development

In accordance with our claim to full-service engineering, we develop our own materials in order to be able to respond optimally to individual requirements and wishes.

Full-service engineering partner

Our offerings include not only the new development of chassis components, but also the optimization of existing parts and other services.


We cooperate with universities and other development partners to offer the highest quality advice, at the cutting edge of research.


Thomas von Reth

Head of technical acquisition and product development

Tel: +49 6428 - 78 - 274