Ausbildung 2023 - Gießereimechaniker (m/w/d) Fachrichtung Handformguss

14. September 2023
Ohne Berufserfahrung
Ingenieure und technische Berufe

We are Fritz Winter

Strong for the future, innovative and full of possibilities - that is Fritz Winter, one of the largest independent foundries in the world. We invest in the further development and health of our employees as well as in sustainable practices so that we can continue to be proud of our togetherness as Winterians and our high-quality products.

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„Fritz Winter builds on
agility and team spirit.“

In diesem Ausbildungsberuf bist du hautnah bei der Entwicklung und Herstellung unserer Kleinserien mit dabei. Du planst, produzierst und bearbeitest Gussstücke. Außerdem bist du für deren Qualitätskontrolle und sämtliche Themen rund um unsere modernen Fertigungsanlagen zuständig. Zu deinem Aufgabengebiet gehört natürlich auch das fachgerechte Handwerk des Schmelzens und Legierens von Gusseisen.

Ausbildungsdauer: 3,5 Jahre

Dein perfekter Einstieg
  • Guter Haupt- oder Realschulabschluss
  • Überzeugende Leistungen in Mathematik
Du hast außerdem
  • Technisches Interesse und Verständnis
  • Freude an präzisem Arbeiten
  • Begeisterung für handwerkliche Tätigkeiten
  • Räumliches Vorstellungsvermögen
  • Kommunikationsstärke und Teamgeist
Deine Perspektiven
  • Teamleitung
  • Meister/in
  • Techniker/in
  • Studium
What we would like to give back to you
For healthier and happier employees.
benefit 1
Health management
We support their health with various offers from BGM and our occupational health service.
benefit 1
According to the IG-Metall collective wage agreement, including vacation and Christmas bonuses, as well as other collectively agreed components.
benefit 1
Grants and
In addition to the corporate benefits program, there are, for example, subsidies in the canteen or discounts with local and national partners.
benefit 1
Career and further training opportunities
We offer individual support for our talents, including in our FW talent pool.
benefit 1
Company pensions
We offer our employees participation in the metalworking pension, and in addition, employees who have been with the company for three years or more are entitled to the FW company pension.
benefit 1
Depending on the assignment, we may allow you to do your iron foundry work in your home office.
Your contact

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our job offers.

Sebastian Hofmann
Head of Education and Training Department
Tel.: +49 6428 - 78 - 874