Brake Drums Commercial Vehicle

Fritz Winter manufactures brake drums of the highest quality and precision, which are especially suitable for use in commercial vehicles. In doing so, we meet special requirements for the finishing of the finished parts or the supply of the raw parts in consultation with our customers. Our brake drums also comply with the planned Euro-7 standard.

This is what we offer:
arrow Lightweight concepts
arrow Euro 7 compliant products
arrow Particulate matter reduction
arrow Support as a full-service engineering partner
arrow Robust and reliable products
arrow Supply of raw and finished parts

Did you know that brake drums for commercial vehicles were among Fritz Winter's first products?


Richard Pausch

Executive Director Global Sales and Marketing

Tel: +49 6428 - 78 - 230
Thomas von Reth

Head of technical acquisition and product development

Tel: +49 6428 - 78 - 274