Materials research

One of our core capabilities is our in-house Research & Development department. Beside the optimisation of existing casting materials and production methods, one of our main tasks is to develop new materials on a cast iron basis for the new challenges of our customers and to generate as early as possible appropriate material data for the component calculation in order to provide them to the customers.

For this purpose we have available an in-house and independent material technical centre. Furthermore, we rely on the support of well-known universities and institutes, if required, in order to assure the best possible quality of the data.

Furthermore, we are involved in the German Association of the German Foundry Industry (BDG) and some DIN standardisation committees in order to guarantee user-friendly and specialist data sheets, standards and basic rules.

Fritz Winter considers itself as development partner of its customers – whether it be from the idea to a product ready for assembly

Our Product Portfolio

Standardised Cast Iron Types

  • Grey cast iron GJL 150, GJL 250 and GJL 300
  • Compacted graphite iron CGI 300, CGI 400 and CGI 450
  • Ductile iron 400-18, GJS 500-10, GJS 600-3, GJS 700-2

Solid Solution Strengthened Type

  • Type ductile iron GJS 500-14

Non-Standard Cast Iron Materials

  • VARIFER®-material family (in-house developed and patented) used for brake discs, commercial vehicle cylinder heads and flywheels subject to high temperatures.


Fritz Winter has more than 20 years of experience in the production of CGI and applies with great success two in-house developed production methods for the series production.

Walz Marc

Marc Walz

Manager Research and Development