Brake Discs Passenger Cars

In 1975 the first ventilated brake disc for passenger cars was poured at Fritz Winter. Since that time, we have continuously extended our product portfolio. Whether it be the development of a new brake disc, the optimisation of the sound behaviour, trials on one of our brake dynamometers or the refinement of a finish machined brake disc by means of a Geomet application, painting or some other type of refinement – we do everything to meet the requirements of our customers and to supply the correct rough or finish parts with a unique quality standard worldwide, also individually packed.

Brake Discs Passenger Cars

Technical Data

300 different
Massive, internally ventilated, externally ventilated, Rough part, pre- and finish machined
Weight (from, to/in KG)
3 to 23
Grey cast iron GJL, compacted graphite iron CGI, ductile iron GJS, VARIFER
Composite casting, in-house developed light-weight concepts, natural frequency inspection, in-house flywheel test bench

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