Innovation Press 23/07/2021

Visit of mayor Somogyi - with ecoCasting Fritz Winter sets an example for a sustainable future of the foundry industry

With the unique ecoCasting technology for passenger car cylinder blocks, Fritz Winter Eisengießerei already created a new benchmark for sustainable foundry processes in iron casting in 2015.

The last year was a big challenge for many companies of all sectors. The same applies to Fritz Winter Iron Foundry. Thus, it is all the more pleasant now that the company was able to present an important new investment for the future: the most up-to-date foundry worldwide for heavy commercial vehicle cylinder blocks.

The unique „ecoCasting“-technology, on which the new production line is based has been developed by Fritz Winter. After having been applied since 2015 already for the production of passenger car cylinder blocks, this technology has been further developed in the last years in order to be able to produce also heavy commercial vehicle cylinder blocks. The new ecoCasting foundry offers ideal conditions in order to meet the future customer requirements of the commercial vehicle segment. „By means of a well-directed integration of components as well as the utilization of the considerably lower production tolerances we are in a position to support our global customers in achieving their CO2 emission targets by means of significant weight savings.“ explains Wilfried Wolf, head of development department of Fritz Winter group.

The new foundry does not only offer technical advantages but also allows considerable advantages in the area of sustainability. The process requires less energy and with this saves CO2. Also the component itself saves CO2 by means of the weight difference. „After a development period of further five years our employees succeeded in adapting the ecoCasting procedure for commercial vehicle cylinder blocks also“ says Markus Semmler, head of planning and environment department at Fritz Winter. „By means of the pouring process without the use of mould sand we save tons of CO2 and close material cycles which will lead to a lower volume of truck traffic and improve the quality of life at Stadtallendorf. Especially the reduction of the use of resources such as sand and water as well as the saving of CO2 helps us very much on our way to sustainability.“ The high savings have been honoured by means of a six-figure subsidy amount by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control.

Fritz Winter has been for many decades one of the worldwide leading suppliers of commercial vehicle cylinder blocks and considers ecoCasting as a central component for the consolidation and expansion of this position. „The new foundry at Stadtallendorf is for us a blueprint for the future. It is our target to produce cylinder blocks by means of the same technology at our US site also.“ says Manuel Stark, responsible for the new ecoCasting production at Stadtallendorf as well as for the project ecoCasting USA. „Sustainability is a global matter and our technology arouses great interest among our customers worldwide.“


During a visit, the mayor of Stadtallendorf Mr. Christian Somogyi was able to assure himself of the advantages of the new technology and was guided through the new foundry by Mr. Jörg Rumikewitz, CEO of the Fritz Winter group. „We have invested in the site at Stadtallendorf in spite of economically hard times because we are convinced that only sustainable solutions will help us move forward. The technologically highly-demanding procedure requires qualified employees and with this ensures the employment here on-site at Stadtallendorf.“ Mr. Somogyi appreciates this and emphasizes the importance of company Fritz Winter as one of the biggest employers of Stadtallendorf and the good cooperation.

About Fritz Winter

The company Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG as one of the worldwide biggest foundries is supplier and partner of the international automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industry. For more than 70 years now, the family-owned company has developed and produced rough and finish part components as well as complex system components for customers worldwide. A special focus lies on innovative light-weight and coating concepts.

About ecoCasting

ecoCasting is a worldwide unique iron foundry technology without mould sand developed by Fritz Winter Iron Foundry. The procedure offers many ecological as well as economic advantages and is considered as the most eco-friendly pouring procedure worldwide. The further development has been supported by means of a promotion of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control due to the high CO2-saving compared to conventional pouring procedures.

Sebastian Hahn

Manager Marketing Service