Press 03/01/2022

Successful Initial Certification according to DIN ISO 45001

Successful completion for the Initial Certification according to DIN ISO 45001; this is the international standard in the SGA-Management and is annually certified. SGA stands for “Safety and health at work”.

The SGA comprises the integral, systematic work and health protection. This standard implements a systematic procedure with the health of the employees in the focus.

This is an important step for the placement of new orders as the DIN ISO 45001 certificate is an essential component of today’s customer requirements.

We congratulate the employees of the department for work safety, health management, plant security, fire protection and medical service. Furthermore, we thank all parties involved for this work performed. A special praise for an exemplary implementation was pronounced to FW by lead auditor Ms Daniela Driske (Dipl. Ing.).

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Arndt Bäumel

Leiter Service Center Sicherheit