Awards Press 17/07/2019

Making the impossible possible

Our customer Daimler dedicates an article to Fritz Winter Eisengießerei in the "Daimler Supplier Magazin".

Daimler Trucks have to prove themselves every day in the face of tough global competition. One thing is clear: Economy, ergonomics and innovation are decisive factors. And just as our customers can rely on our trucks, Daimler must also rely on its partners, who contribute to Daimler Trucks becoming what they are - unique!

The rapid reaction to changes in the sales markets, for example, or increasing quality requirements, primarily calls for close cooperation and the highest level of trust. In the case of the Daimler Supplier Award winner in the Partnership category (Global Procurement Trucks & Buses), the proverbial “iron” will complements both.

The Fritz Winter iron foundry in the Hessian town of Stadtallendorf possesses 100 percent of this will. Performance statements by Fritz Winter: “We love what we do! Making difficult things easy! Making the impossible possible. Perfecting processes. Reacting flexibly.” are not just words, but rather genuine company values, as has been proven.

Crankcase in just five months

The Fritz Winter iron foundry deserves the award in the Partnership category for developing and supplying crankcases at an exceptional speed. The delivery of the first parts after a few months and the subsequent delivery of the serial parts in rapid succession enabled an earlier start of production. Fritz Winter has therefore achieved something unique, namely significantly shortened the regular project period. This only works if you can rely on each other 100% every minute.


"In 2018, Fritz Winter Eisengießerei made things happen! By developing and delivering state-of-the-art crankcases in an extraordinary speed, they made an early Start-of-Production possible. The result? Fritz Winter Eisengießerei powered up our Trucks & Buses portfolio."

Dr. Marcus Schoeneberg, Vice President Global Procurement Trucks & Buses, Daimler AG

Glowing enthusiasm

Fritz Winter is a global partner in the development, production and supply of innovative prefabricated components and complex system components for the automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulics industries. Founded in 1951, the family-owned company provides the mobility of tomorrow today with innovative manufacturing concepts that are constantly being further developed. The material basis is sustainable, because recycled iron serves as the raw material for the high-tech products.

Over the last 3 years Fritz Winter has invested 11.6 million euros in additional clean air technology. The result: emissions are up to 95% lower than the statutory emission values and up to 90% lower than the immission values.

Today Fritz Winter is one of the largest independent foundries in the world.
Fritz Winter has also been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2007. It thereby outlaws forced or child labor and is committed to environmental protection, the recognition of human rights and equal opportunities.

Three questions for Jörg Rumikewitz, CEO Fritz Winter

Mr. Rumikewitz, we are delighted that you have won the Daimler Supplier Award 2018 for Global Procurement Trucks & Buses in the Partnership category. Congratulations again! This statement can be found on your website: “We are glowing with enthusiasm.” What is your general secret to success?

The secret of our success lies first and foremost in our employees. It’s not for nothing that our company says: “Quality has a name for us – 3,900 names, in fact.”

What is the biggest challenge when achieving this record time?

The greatest challenge lies in mastering the complex foundry process and the associated sub-processes. Fritz Winter benefits here from its core competencies in product and tool development. In addition to these core competencies, the perfect interaction as well as the scheduling and technical coordination between Fritz Winter, the customer and other service providers is very important.

How did your team receive the award?

Customer satisfaction is an integral part of our team. Receiving the award was a confirmation of this philosophy. The joy that their performance was rewarded by the award from our customer Daimler was consequently great.

We thank you for the answers and congratulate you and your team for the achievement and the well-deserved award.

Pausch Richard

Richard Pausch

Executive Director Global Sales and Marketing