Press 24/06/2021

Fritz Winter opens vaccination centre for employees

The company Fritz Winter Iron Foundry contributes to the containment of the Corona virus by means of an in-house vaccination station.

In the context of the company strategy against the Corona virus, the work group Pandemic of company Fritz Winter has organized the vaccination of the employees. Every employee had the possibility to register for a vaccination date with the Biontech vaccine. The registration of course was voluntary and approx. 450 employees applied for a vaccination date. The vaccination campaign is one of many measures of Fitz Winter Foundry in the context of the health protection of the employees and especially for the protection against the Corona virus.

“Finally it is here, the long-awaited vaccination date”. FW-employee at the registration point of the vaccination station.

For the construction of the vaccination centre on June 23, parts of the fair booth had been used. The next day, the vaccination campaign and the registration started at 8:00 o’clock on time. The vaccination station in our training centre will be operating until August for the primary and the second immunization of the employees.