Press 06/01/2022

Fritz Winter donates 4.000 Euros for digitalization projects in primary schools

Fritz Winter Iron Foundry supports the digitalization of two primary schools at Stadtallendorf with a donation of 2.000 Euros each.

“Our donation shall support the digitalization of the primary schools because it is important for us to invest above all in the education of the upcoming generation in our region”, says Andreas Fiedler during the handing over of the cheque in front of the Fritz Winter training centre.

The two presidents of the friends’ associations of primary school 1 and primary school 2, Ms Bettina Tason and Ms Sigrid John-Flöter, received the donations from Mr. Klaus Mager (Executive for Labour Relations) and Mr. Andreas Fiedler (Human Resources Manager) as well as the chairman of the works committee, Metin Bal and his representative, Mr. Kay Ibrahim.

Klaus G. Mager