Press 20/08/2021

Fritz Winter at Laubach: Successful completion of the manufacturer approval by the certification company DNV

Our Laubach plant has successfully met also this year the requirements for the manufacturer approval of the DNV.

DNV is the abbreviation of: Det Norske Veritas.

DNV is the worldwide leading classification company that creates standards for Ships and Offshore units, the so-called Class rules. These rules imply regulations for the safety, reliability and environment protection stipulations which ships and mobile offshore units have to comply with in international waters.

With this manufacturer approval the Fritz Winter Laubach plant may continue to supply products for the ship building.

Our plant 3 at Laubach mainly produces small series of highest quality. This concerns individual customer applications for different application areas. Besides applications for ship engines, these may also be heavy hydraulic housings or cylinder blocks for emergency generators.

Matthias Klinkerfuss

Matthias Klinkerfuss

Head of Quality