Training Press 30/03/2020

Fritz Winter apprentices support the construction of respiratory protective devices

The apprentices of company Fritz Winter are currently supporting a team of research and technology of the Philipps-University Marburg and the University Hospital Gießen/Marburg in the production of simple respiratory protective devices.

The research team has achieved to develop with simple means respiratory protective devices that may be used worldwide as a tool against the Corona pandemic. Please refer here to a more detailed article in the Gießener Allgemeine. Link.

“When we were contacted last week by the Marburg University and asked to cooperate in a project for a respiratory protective device, we did not hesitate. We immediately declared our readiness to cooperate. It is a matter of big importance to us to support the University and the people here in our region. We hope we will be able to make at least a little contribution to the fight against the Corona virus.”

Andreas Fiedler, Head of Service Center Human Resources

The circuit boards supplied by the University are wired up to the control of the respiratory protective devices by the apprentices. Furthermore, spring wires are bent which are assembled and glued in the main valve flap. In addition, it is tried to develop a pressure relief valve for the control unit of the respiratory protective device which releases the overpressure out of the system in case a patient coughs.

When all steps are completed, the final assembly and the delivery to the University take place. There, a final inspection is carried out.

Klaus G. Mager