37th International Engine Symposium

Fritz Winter Iron Foundry presents the new technology ecoCasting on the 37th International Engine Symposium at Vienna.

Exclusive creations of Engineering were the guiding idea also this year at the Vienna Hofburg. In the course of the Vienna Engine Symposium, companies from the automotive sector presented their latest high-performance engines to an international audience. However, also the future of the combustion engines and the protection of the environment were hotly debated matters among the experts. In this context, the eco-friendly ecoCasting, the new production technology of Fritz Winter GmbH & Co. KG, came right in time and encountered a great interest among the visitors.

A rethinking in the engine production is required - Aluminium was yesterday

The international expert conference for engine production and power train engineering took place from April 28 to April 29, 2016 and provided many innovations with regard to power train engineering to the visitors. Many power packs as for example the Bugatti Chiron with fabulous 1500 hp, a 16-cylinder high-performance power unit, four turbochargers and 8 litres cylinder capacity were to be admired. The noble giant of course is not designed for the mass-market. Therefore, the topics of the speakers were rather about sustainability and cost effectiveness of combustion engines and alternative power train systems.  

Sustainability and cost-efficiency

A lower weight of the engine components belongs to the trendsetting possibilities for the reduction of fuel and CO2 emissions. However, in addition to the weight reduction also the sustainability and cost effectiveness play an always more important role. Thanks to ecoCasting Fritz Winter was in a position to offer a solution that takes into account all customer requirements.   

ecoCasting - the green foundry

The ecoCasting process requires already in the production less resources than conventional castings. The manufactured light-weight parts are made of steel scrap, are 100% recyclable and require considerably less energy for their production than comparable components made of aluminium. “One of our slogans at the Vienna Engine Symposium was: ‘Aluminium was yesterday’ which caused a couple of smiles” reports Sebastian Hahn, marketing manager at Fritz Winter Iron Foundry. “The customers accepted our booth very well and extensively discussed about the advantages of ecoCasting in comparison with aluminium and conventional grey cast iron components.” The active discussions were absolutely justified. For the light-weight parts have a 30% lower weight than conventional cylinder blocks made of grey cast iron. The weight advantage of aluminium compared to ecoCasting shrinks, with regard to the complete engine, to only 1,5%, with a cost advantage of the ecoCasting block of at least 28% compared to aluminium.

The company Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG is a family-owned company founded in 1951 with 3.700 employees and its headquarters at Stadtallendorf, Hessen. As a well-known supplier for the worldwide automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industry, the company produces rough and finish components and in addition has committed itself with heart and soul to the development of innovative light-weight concepts which set new standards in the foundry industry with regard to quality, environmental protection and sustainability.

Sebastian Hahn

Head of Corporate Marketing