Informant system

The company Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG has the target to act in an ethically impeccable manner and according to the legal requirements in all its business activities; integrity and transparency of our business processes take top priority. This is valid worldwide and on all organization levels.

With our Compliance System we bundle a comprehensive system of measures with which we wish to assure that our business always complies completely with law and jurisdiction as well as our internal principles and rules. This concerns for example infringements of our Code of Conduct or the antitrust law, corruption, infringement of human rights, theft, discrimination or mobbing. Besides our employees, also business partners, customers or other third parties may provide indications in case of concrete information with regard to breach of rules.

In order to give you the possibility to provide indications with regard to possible breach of rules we have set up different internationally applicable reporting channels. You have the possibility to make a report also without indicating your name. However, we recommend you to provide our Compliance Office the opportunity to contact you, also by means of a person of trust, if required, as otherwise there is no way for us to clarify any pending questions and eventually the matter may not be clarified without your collaboration.

Who can report infringements?

  • Any employee, also apprentices, trainees or contract workers
  • External persons, for example employees of external service providers
  • Any business partner, for example suppliers, customers or co-operation partners and their employees
  • Any third party

Which infringements shall be reported?

Any concrete processes that indicate a criminal act, for example fraud, corruption, theft, an infringement of other legal requirements or infringement of our in-house regulations, for example the operational Code of Conduct, may be reported. Human rights and environmental risks or breaches of regulations can also be reported.

Which details shall be reported?

  • Which kind of misconduct is affected?
  • When and where did it happen?
  • How exactly did the suspicious person or company proceed?
  • Do you have documents confirming the accusation?
  • Are there witnesses which may confirm the suspicion?

How to be reported?

You have also the possibility to contact our Compliance Office by mail via our ombudsman. The lawyer and notary Mr. Florian Möller from the chancellery Immel & Möller, Stadtallendorf, has been appointed external ombudsman of the company. Employees and third parties may get in touch with this neutral contact in a confident and anonym manner in case they observe incorrect business practices in the company.

Lawyer and notary, Mr. Florian Möller
Am Markt 6
35260 Stadtallendorf