Research & Development

From the initial stage to the series production and beyond, Fritz Winter considers itself as development partner of its customers.

We are jointly working on High-Tech solutions taking into account an optimum cost-benefit ratio, with customized designs according to the individual requirements of our customers. In this context we actively and sustainably support our customers with the achievement of their CO2-reduction targets.

Our customers benefit from:

  • A high process reliability
  • An economical production
  • A sustainable production
  • A high production depth
  • A development with state-of-the-art simulation techniques
  • A high melting capacity (1.000.000 tons / p.a.)
  • An extensive Portfolio of cast iron materials

High-Tech products are the results of our performances, manufactured with high precision, cost-efficiently and individually, in one of the worldwide leading iron foundries.

Liquid iron is for us not only a material but a passion