“Casting Quality”

The motto of the founder of our company Fritz Winter forms the basis of our business practices. On the basis of this claim, we have built up an efficient and sustainable Quality Management System and continuously develop it further.

Fritz Winter Quality means for our customers: To receive a product according to the specifications which assures an undisturbed utilisation and a satisfied end customer. For Fritz Winter as a strong partner it means the basis for being jointly successful on an international level. The Quality Management is completely integrated into all business processes and described in our Management Manual.


A consistent Quality Planning in interdisciplinary teams during the development phases and at SOP assures a capable reproducible series process for a product in correspondence with the drawing. Innovative ideas allow for the development of customised solutions.


The Product Quality is defined by the quantity of defective parts and claims. For the improvement of this Product Quality we are consistently expanding our understanding of the processes in order to monitor the correct process parameters and to optimise control loops.

Problem Resolution

In case of defects arising despite all diligence, Fritz Winter will pursue a quick and sustainable solution of the problem. Our Technical Customer Service regularly gathers the feedback of our customers and analyses the quality of the products on site. The results are integrated into the continuous improvement process and define new internal standards.


Matthias Klinkerfuss

Matthias Klinkerfuss

Head of Quality