About Fritz Winter

We love what we do!

Make heavy things light.
Make the impossible possible.
Bring processes to perfection.
React with flexibility.
Be available worldwide.
Have a sustainable effect.

The Fritz Winter Foundry is supplier and partner for the global automotive, commercial vehicle and hydraulic industry. We develop and manufacture rough and finish part components as well as complex system components, increasingly in light-weight design also.

With our innovative production concepts which we continuously develop further, we provide already today the mobility of tomorrow. Our material basis is sustainable as we use recycled iron as raw material for our High-Tech products. The self-conception of our company has always been the protection of our environment and its resources.

As a solid medium-sized family-owned company, Fritz Winter today is counted among the biggest independent iron foundries worldwide.

Progress Has a New Dimension Today: Sustainability

Figures, Data, Facts

Foundation 1951, family-owned still today
Turnover 685 Mio.
Tonnage 415.000
Employees 3.700 an 4 Standorten
Products more than 800 components
Materials grey cast iron (GJL) / compacted graphite iron (CGI) / ductile iron (GJS) / VARIFER
Production 22,3 Million rough and finish parts with weights ranging from 1 kg to 3 tons
Melting capacity 1.000.000 tons / per year
Legal emission values Fritz Winter values far below legal emission values
(up to 95 %)
Legal immission values Fritz Winter values far below legal immission values
(up to 90 %)
Jobs that require training 14
Dual courses of study 3
Apprenticeship places in total approx. 150
Possibilities for further education more than 100 internal