The following documents DE and EN are valid for our plants Stadtallendorf and Laubach in Germany. The documents US apply to our factory in Franklin, USA.

For Germany
General Conditions of Purchase Fritz Winter Germany
General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Fritz Winter North America LP
Contract Conditions for Services and Assemblies
Template for Time Sheets
VOB Construction Contract Procedures
Onventis Supplier Guideline
Guideline – Part I – Electric installation/equipment
Guideline - Part III - Supply lines
Guideline – Part IV – Cranes
Guideline - Part VI - Hydraulic
Guideline - Part VII - Pneumatic
Guideline - Part VIII - Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Guideline - Part X - Lighting
Work Regulations for Contractors
Appendix 1 (Construction Site Regulations) to the Work Regulations
Appendix 2 (Container-approval) to the Work Regulations
Appendix 3 (User Agreement of FW-Transportation) to the Work Regulations
Materials Spare and Wear Parts List
Loading Rules