Pouring Furnace

Job Description:

  • Ability to inspect and repair transport ladles and if required sample and heat up the transport ladles
  • Ability to adjust and prepare the facility and tooling; ex. risers, chills, release agents, etc.
  • Knowledge to inspect, clean pattern equipment, carry out change of date, etc.
  • Ability to select production program and/or retrieve production technical data and coordinate with supervisor
  • Ability to determine and eliminate any disturbances or defects; ex. Defective slot nozzles, pattern damages, etc.
  • Knowledge and ability to carry out change of tooling at all stations; ex. gauges, devices, sting robots, etc.
  • Ability to use the production program to inspect the core stock and notify superior of stock shortages
  • Ability to collect liquid iron with forklift, fill in holding furnace, transport ladle and pouring furnace; then transfer transport ladle to the pouring furnace and empty it out
  • Ability to carry out visual inspections and ensure complete work execution
  • Ability to inspect and monitor the flow of the production process
  • Ability to determine disturbances, defects and production errors and follow process to eliminate further problems
  • Ability to pour mold, monitor and document production parameters; ex. monitor pouring curve and analysis, monitor pouring process, inspect addition of inoculants, inspect Silicium, coke and temperature, etc
  • Perform quality inspections and document results; initiate corrective actions of necessary
  • Perform inspections on patterns, document the results and dispose material
  • Ability and knowledge to drive a forklift


  • At least two years of professional experience as a molding operator.
  • High degree of readiness for taking responsibility, reliability and self-organization.
  • Strong ability to communicate and to work in a team environment.
  • Good IT and MS Office Knowledge.
  • High School Diploma or GED required.

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Fritz Winter Iron Foundry
The Fritz Winter iron foundry is the largest independent iron foundry of Europe with more than 3,700 employees in Germany and an annual turnover of more than US$700m.
Since 1951 Fritz Winter has great competence and experience of designing and casting of parts for brakes, chassis, motors and hydraulics. As an innovative manufacturer, for example in lightweight construction, the company ranks among the world’s best. Fritz Winter is the principal supplier to all reputable companies in the car, utility vehicle and hydraulics industries. As reaction to the international presence of its customers Fritz Winter not only wants to supply its customers from Germany. It wants to become a global partner, locally based. Now Fritz Winter is beginning to establish a new facility in the United States and we want you to be part of this activity.

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