Crucible Furnace

Job Description:

  • Inspect functionality of crane systems, analysis devices such as thermal analysis, LECO or spectrometers
  • Accept raw materials, collect by correct methods, and fill up the respective charging boxes and/or aggregate bunker
  • Replace deslagging containers and transport with forklifts to empty
  • Develop a work plan at the start of the shift and dispose deployment of employees, facility, and machine utilization according to framework conditions
  • Plan, monitor, and improve execution of work
  • Ability to help in the elimination of production and material bottlenecks and suggest improvements
  • Ability to make on-site decisions autonomously; ex. avoiding disturbances in the internal and external production process Ability to carry out claim discussions with the customer in consideration of specifications
  • In the event of defects immediately initiate a countermeasure independently to correct the problem
  • Put plant into operations, select and adjust control measures; ex. enter and start cold start and sinter program, operator melting processor, operator and monitor emergency water, etc.
  • Continuously monitor the holding process during production and carry out inspection of the adjusted production parameters; ex. temperature measurements, inspect water, container temperature, and filling level, etc.
  • Ability to perform corrective action in the even of deviations
  • Operate iron output, hydraulic, and emergency tilting device
  • Perform all arising work/tasks within the crucible furnaces that are required for the assurance of the production process


  • At least 3-5 years of experience working with furnaces.
  • High degree of readiness for taking responsibility, reliability and self-organization.
  • Strong ability to communicate and to work in a team environment.
  • Good IT and MS Office Knowledge.
  • High School Diploma or GED required.

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Fritz Winter Iron Foundry
The Fritz Winter iron foundry is the largest independent iron foundry of Europe with more than 3,700 employees in Germany and an annual turnover of more than US$700m.
Since 1951 Fritz Winter has great competence and experience of designing and casting of parts for brakes, chassis, motors and hydraulics. As an innovative manufacturer, for example in lightweight construction, the company ranks among the world’s best. Fritz Winter is the principal supplier to all reputable companies in the car, utility vehicle and hydraulics industries. As reaction to the international presence of its customers Fritz Winter not only wants to supply its customers from Germany. It wants to become a global partner, locally based. Now Fritz Winter is beginning to establish a new facility in the United States and we want you to be part of this activity.

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